STAD means "city" in Dutch - tribute to the founders' background acquainted at the Leiden University in the Netherlands which countryside was flat long before the globalization. STAD is an agglomeration of persons in the flat world where a new "citizen" can aggregate from almost anywhere. This city contains a lot of "buildings" tocreate and work out ideas, provide statistical science, transfer technology, analyze data with a meta-disciplinary approach, "crossing the bridge" towards other scientific communities. This city contains also "green areas" to enjoy spare time activities together, such as sport, eating and drinking, sharing innovation and enlightenment culture, dreaming the future! Founders STAD at University of Naples Federico II are Roberta Siciliano (mentore), Valerio Tutore, Massimo Aria, Antonio D'Ambrosio, whose first letters of their surnames form, amazingly, another STAD!


Knowldege Discovery Pyramid


Statistical Learning within Total Quality Management



Vision STAD is "Make it better with Statistics, Technology, Analysis of Data!"