STAD means "city" in Dutch - tribute to the founders' background acquainted at the Leiden University in the Netherlands which countryside was flat long before the globalization. STAD is an agglomeration of persons in the flat world where a new "citizen" can aggregate from almost anywhere. This city contains a lot of "buildings" tocreate and work out ideas, provide statistical science, transfer technology, analyze data with a meta-disciplinary approach, "crossing the bridge" towards other scientific communities. This city contains also "green areas" to enjoy spare time activities together, such as sport, eating and drinking, sharing innovation and enlightenment culture, dreaming the future! Founders STAD at University of Naples Federico II are Roberta Siciliano (mentore), Valerio Tutore, Massimo Aria, Antonio D'Ambrosio, whose first letters of their surnames form, amazingly, another STAD!


STAD research group is productive in execution plans of statistical survey and field research for market analysis and customer satisfaction study, of web-marketing, of data warehousing and monitoring systems, of decision support systems for statistical learning and information management in processes ICT (Information, Communication, Technology).

Hereby some projects involving STAD research group:

MONITUR: "MONItoraggio dei dati statistici sul TURismo e analisi statistica", Assessorato al Turismo e Beni Culturali della Regione Campania (2008-09).

VIRTUAL NET: "VIRTUAL NETwork per il marketing e la fidelizzazione", Leader Partner ITALSIME S.p.A, POR Campania, 3.17 (2008-2009).

ANGELO: "SistemA per la fruizione di servizi iNnovativi a valore aGgiunto per il cittadino in movimeEnto e la muLtimodalità sul territoriO", Leader Partner FORUS s.r.l., POR Campania, 3.17 (2008-2009).

PROTEO: "PROcurement sofTware EcO.compatible", Leader Partner PRINCENET s.r.l., POR Campania, 3.17 (2008-2009).

TRITONE: "Tutela e fRuIzione del paTrimONio archeologico sommErso", Leader Partner TRACS s.r.l., POR Campania, 3.17 (2008-2009).

PORTUR: "Sistema innovativi per i PORTi Turistici", Leader Partner WESTEND s.r.l., POR Campania, 3.17 (2008-2009).

LAVORO E DONNE, POR Puglia, 3.14 (2008).

"Indagine statistica per la Campagna di ascolto del Comune di Napoli", Assessorato al Piano strategico, Comune di Napoli (2007-2008).

SOCIALNET: "Monitorare la realtà sociale e gestire il tempo libero per combattere l'abbandono e la solitudine", Assessorato alle Politiche sociali, Provincia di Napoli (2007-2009).

IWEBCARE: "Integrated Web Services Platform for the facilitation of fraud detection in health care e-government services", FP6-2004-IST-4-28055 - IST (Information Society Technologies) European Programme (2006—2009).

PRIN2005: "Harvesting Classification and Regression Trees: Methods, Open Source Technologies and Case Studies", MIUR (2005-2007).

INSPECTOR: "Quality in the Statistical Information Life-Cycle: A Distributed System for Data Validation", FP6-2004-IST-4-28055 - IST (Information Society Technologies) European Programme (2001-2003).

PRIN2001: "Methods of Knowledge discovery, validation and representation of the Informational Statistics for decision tasks" MIUR (2001-2003).

PRIN1999: "Statistical Models for Classification and Segmentation of Complex Data Structures: Methodologies, Software and Applications" MIUR (1999-2001)