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STAD research group

aims at spreading the successful adoption of statistical approach and data analysis in various fields of research so to foster the value chain that leads from raw data to knowledge, according to the well-known scientific paradigm based on statistical learning:
data mining, inference and prediction.
STAD embodies statisticians of different departments at UniNA. Moreover, it is a hub connecting statisticians who work in the academia as well as in public and private sectors in Italy and abroad, so allowing the integration of different methodological research activities as well as applied domains.
STAD vision is:  "Make it better with Statistics, Technology, Analysis of Data!"
STAD research group aims to provide statistical science, transfer technology, analyze data with a meta-disciplinary approach, "crossing the bridge" towards various scientific communities such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Control Automation, Biostatistics, Genetics, Medicine and Pharmaceutics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Finance, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Natural Environment, Astronomy, Business Intelligence, Open Innovation, Computational Science, etc.
STAD has been active, since more than twenty years, in many scientific projects funded by EU and national institutions. Recently it has been engaged in an huge H2020 project about informing NEXUS security (i.e. sustain policy makers for the governance of water-energy-food and land use nexus by sound statistics) called MAGIC.

MAGIC H2020 project

H2020 project

Latest funded project we are involved into.


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A lot of applications in many different fields: statistics is useful everywhere.    


A strong network of friends is at the heart of STAD.

Status = "what is"
Tékhnè-loghìa = "reasoning about art and doing"
Anàlysis Dàto = "solution starting from known quantities"